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DanMachi (manga): Theory

My Summary

Warning: Spoilers

For centuries, the world has been like a video game. You could buy swords, sheilds, spellbooks, robes, explore through dungeons and kill monsters, as well as kill bosses.a5531662550cd3385477d6e665374aee2a59bb4d_hq.jpg Warriors in this world must join a familia of other warriors that are lead by a God to watch over and give them advice, as well as mooch off of their money. Without a God warriors can’t go into dungeons, kills monsters, or bosses. But Bell Cranel, a wimpy kid who supposedly lost his elder to monsters when he was young, lives in this world and wants to become a famous warrior like the people that were in his old familia that his grandfather lead. Bell struggled to find another familia to join and lost all hope until a Goddess named Hestia showed kindness towered Bell and allowed him into her familia. Although, there was one issue; Hestia was the only member in her family before Bell showed up.

Will Zues eventually kill Freya?

Warning: Spoilers

So far in the series it’s told us a lot about Zeus and sort of what happened to him. It’s pretty obvious that he didn’t get along well with Loki and Freya since these two Goddesses kicked him and Hera out of Orario. We know for a fact that Zeus is interested in the progress of Tumblr_nmgfisKvj91r41iwko1_500.pngBell, that’s why he keeps an eye on him. I’m pretty sure that he hasn’t appeared because he wants to protect him. Eventually he will appear, and I think that will happen close to the end of the series. Zeus_comforting_Bell.pngRegarding his past enemies, Loki appears to be a pretty normal Goddess, however Freya on the other side has been nothing but a devel (toying with humans, killed another Goddess, etc). Also Freya has already started to show signs of hatred towards Aiz for being close to Bell (Vol 6). I imagine that sooner or later she will decide to make her move against Aiz or Loki to extract revenge or even try to kill Bell so none else has him. That’s when I think Zeus will join our story officially and kill her instead (takes a God to kill a God) to protect Bell. However this will probably happen really late in the series, maybe even before the One Eyed Dragon event begins.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: Rating and Theory

My SummaryKosuke-Makoto-and-Chiaki-the-girl-who-leapt-through-time-movie-38858556-403-501.jpg

Warning: Spoilers

Konno Makoto, a normal freshman girl, met her two best friends Kousuke and Chiaki when Makoto was sitting alone at the school baseball feild on the risers. Chiaki, an orange haired delinquent, invites Makoto to play catch with him and his friend Kousuke. For the next four years of highschool their freindship was entirely revolving around playing catch, walking home together, going to karaoke, and talking to eachother on the phone during the weekends. Of course, with the help of a time traveling device, Makoto is able to go back in time by leaping forth and meet the past with a flying ball of herself.

After Makoto ended up having a hopelessly unlucky day, she entered the science roomtumblr_mwakeaut7G1src1c6o1_500.gif in her school because she thought she heard a noise. A shadow went past Makoto’s feild of vision and since it was such an unlucky day, Makoto fell on the floor and hit a ball with her palm. She suddenly ended up traveling through time, discovering her unique ability to bend the past to her will by flinging herself into the air.


Is the aunt future Makoto?

Now here’s where the real spoilers begin. You Have Been Warned.

If it’s possible for Chiaki to go back into the past, then it’s possible for future Makoto to do the same. That would explain why the aunt knew so much about time leaps, since there’s a possibility that the aunt could be Makoto from the future, who got stuck in the past because she used up all of the times she could go into the past. I believe if Chiaki can travel through time, and Makoto suddenly got an extra leap at the end of the movie to go back and buy herself and Chiaki some time, then it’s possible somehow they will meet in the future.

I really doubt Chiaki would seduce Makoto just to see the painting when the aunt is already restoring it, and that would be a horrible twist to a fantastic movie. The movie isn’t meant to be dark or anything, and some people just looked too far into it. Somehow I think if that was the idea it would be more clear. And when the image of the aunt is shown, Chiaki 101_zps70c2dce3.jpgwould be more recognisable. His hair is a different colour than the boys in the photo.

Also, I know that my theory is obviously very false. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a spin-off of the Japanese novel The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and in that novel, (small spoilers incoming) the aunt has her own love story about time traveling.


My Overall Ratingvlcsnap-2014-12-30-15h03m02s23

This movie was really good, I would rate it 8.7/10. It was funny, adventurous, dramatic, had good sci-fi, but every single website or article and even the producers said one of the genres was romance. There was no romance in any scene from the movie, but I thought (and I don’t think I’m the only one) that Chiaki x Makoto really needed to happen. It was obvious that it needed to ensue after all they went through together, and it would make sense.

Everything was great in the movie, but I think they needed to give more information on the aunt (in the movie). The aunt was a background character, that somehow knew about time leaping, and even gave Makoto info on how to leap. The aunt should have been a bigger character in the movie, maybe be involved in some sort of plot twist, or maybe even show up when time froze and Chiaki and Makoto were talking in the crowd, then Chiaki leaves.

Plastic Memories: Rating and Theory

My Summary

Warning: Spoilers

Plastic Memories is based in an unkown time in the future featuring the two main characters Isla and Tsukasa. After Tsukasa failed college due to getting appendicitis on test day, he went to his father for help, and he got Tsukasa a job at the SAI, a company that “retrieves” Giftias. A Giftia is an adriod that serveplastic_memories-01-isla-tsukasa-michiru-zack-sai_corp_terminal_service-banana_peel_on_head-comedy.jpgs as a worker or helper for people. Giftias have owners, personalities, and feel like a human being as well as having emotion. But their life span is only 81,920 hours, which is about nine years. When a Giftia reaches nine years of age, it becomes a “Wonderer” which is a rogue Giftia that has lost all of its memories and can harm humans. When a Giftia reaches this point, they must be “retreived”, which is when they have their memories erased and usually replaced with new ones. Isla is a Giftia, and like any other Giftia, she is also nearing her nine year life expectancy.


Why do Giftia’s need to turn into a Wanderer at nine years of age?

Now here’s where the real spoilers start to begin. You Have Been Warned.

I just want to say before I start writing an essay for you people, am I the only one that noticed Isla’s smile growing bigger in each episode at the end of the intro? I just think that’s adorable and wanted to share that.
Isla died in the last episode, making me almost cry, and bringing some questions and a theory to mind. My theory is; why do Giftia’s have to be retreived at nine years of age? I kind of feel like the government is forcing this on Giftia’s in order to increase revenue, and it proves to show in episode 5 when Marcia was a wonderer. She was completely normal when she was with Tsuakasa and Isla, scared with normal blue eyes, until Souta showed up and called out her name. Marcia went into a frenzy triggering something to turn her into a wonderer, and it forced her to attack  her beloved owner to perhaps send the message that Marcia needed to die for more sales of Giftias. The same case occured when Michiru’s father turned into a wanderer and attacked Michiru directly, not any of the other people, which makes me think that wanderers aren’t just attacking random targets. I believe that wonderers attack only their family members or loved ones, but I don’t believe this is just their personalities degrading. In the episode when Marcia turns into a wonderer, she seems like she was trying to accept the Plastic-Memories-06-01.jpegfact that she was being retreived without any violence until her eyes turned into a wonderer’s. That happened when Souta called out Marcia’s name.

So to support my arguement a little further, I think that the SAI either had to have made Giftia’s purposefully disfunctional so there would be more sales, or Tsukasa will find a way to increase the life span for Giftia’s and save Giftia’s everywhere. I hope for that to happen in a second season if Hayashi decides to make one.


My Overall Rating

On a scale of one ten for Plastic Memories, I would give it a 9/10 for great drama, sprinkling some comedy in there, a great story line and idea, and of course the romance. This all made a fantastic anime to watch, but I felt like it could’ve had more episodes or at least a second season. There were only twelve episodes which is really not that much, and I know it left off with the message of Isla dying, but like I said in my theory, Tsukasa could find a way to increase the life span of Giftia’s. There could also be another season when Tsukasa

*Just thought it was relevant to put this here

finds another Giftia that he falls in love with, a season where he lives out the rest of his depressing life, I don’t really care, I just want more of this anime! It was amazing and I would definetely watch it a second time.